B2C Sofrtware

Services in B2B Software

  • Multi Recharge.
  • Utility Bill Payment.
  • Money Transfer.
  • AEPS.
  • miniATM.
  • UTI PAN Card
  • PayOut
  • Mini Statement
  • Aadhaar Pay

B2C Sofrtware Application

B2B Recharge Software

PeRupees is a B2B (Business to Business) Online Recharge Software Development Company:

We Provide B2B Recharge Software that facilitates the recharges of the Mobile, DTH, Data Card and Data Card, Bill Payment of the Mobile, Utility and etc.

  • We deliver Complete B2B website & B2C Software with Admin/Distributor/ Retailer Management and API Management Functionality.
  • One API A/C through which you B2B Online Application get access for all operators Recharges and Bill Payment
  • SMS API and Email Notification Integration.
  • Long Code for the Offline/Single SIM recharges and Android App & Mobile Web Site

PeRupees is one such innovative single point concept through which our Customers can get Multiple Prepaid services like Mobile Recharge/DTH Recharge/Bill Payment service etc by using B2B Recharge Software.
PeRupees brings next generation recharge solution for Recharge Vendors in form of B2b Recharge & B2C Recharge Software that allows retailers to earn maximum commissions from various recharge operators.

B2B Basic – Features

  1. Admin Panel, Distributor Panel, Retailer Panel
  2. Unlimited Distributors, Unlimited Retailers
  3. Recharges: Mobile, DTH, Datacard, Postpaid
  4. One API Integration – PeRupees– Basic Plan
  5. Member Access – Registration, Edit, Delete, Active / Inactive, View Down-line, Recover, Reset Password, Login Logs
  6. API Balance Check and My Commission
  7. Pending Recharge Management – check Status, Force Fail, Force Success
  8. Dynamic Operator with Commission / Surcharge Setting – Flat and Percentage wise
  9. Recharge History Report with Filtrations
  10. Manage Recharge Circles with Active / Inactive
  11. Member’s wallet Balance and Transactions Report
  12. Member’s Fund Add and Deduct System
  13. Down-line Fund Request Management
  14. Manage Registration Packages for down-line
  15. Recharge Disputes Management – Basic
  16. Basic Dashboard with notification
  17. Manage News for Members
  18. Manage Terms for Members
  19. Masters – Bank, Self-Bank, Country, State, City, Others
  20. Email Integration with Send Email Facility
  21. SMS Integration with Send SMS Facility with 100 Free SMS
  22. Standard Android Application – Basic (Limited Features)
  23. Login, All Services, Current balance show, Send fund Request, Fund Transfer, Wallet Transaction, Recharge History, Change Password, Contact us, Logout
  24. Download APP from website


B2C Sofrtware