DMT API Application


How Does Domestic Money Transfer work?

Domestic Money Transfer works precisely the same as how Mobile Recharge works, the only difference is that rather than the mobile number you need to accumulate the beneficiary bank account number, IFSC Code and the amount which has to be transferred out of the walk-in clients. Complete your transaction by filling your web form. The beneficiary account will be credited the sum within 5-10 seconds.

Domestic Money Transfer Service (DMTS) based on IMPS/NEFT technology is one of the services most in demand today in India. Become DMTS agent/retailer to remit money on behalf of your customers. Vast segments of the population still do not have access to basic banking services. The density of banks in rural or semi urban area is still very low.

  • Real Time Update
  • Auto Response Update
  • 24*7 Online Support
  • Ledger Reports
  • Best Margin

Domestic Money Transfer API Benefits:

  • JSON Based Money Transport API.
  • PayRupees is the leading and the most dependable and protected API platform in India.
  • Our Money Transfer API service – Sandbox Environment, Restful APIs, Supports Multiple Languages, Code Snippets Available.
  • Effortless integration with Higher Security with SSL features
  • Money transfer API works for many lenders who accepts IMPS/NEFT/AUTO, IMPS is the most popular way to transfer money any time Bank Holiday Also

Domestic Money Transfer API is a great way to generate additional revenue for website owners, SMEs and any other organization. Intelligent payment routing for minimum cost and maximum profit.

APIs are used by a lot of banks all around the world. They are a very important part of the banking system. They can be used to access data both for internal and external use. They are also used to internally collect and collate data. APIs are also used by international organizations like the World Bank and others that have large datasets with users in different locations all around the world who need to access it.

Through NEFT and IMPS 170+ banks are connected for money transfer.
You can also view your available balance, service charged, transaction history and status of transaction on your API Portal page.