Multi Level IVR

Features Of Multi-Lavel IVR

Multi-level IVR

Create multiple levels in your IVR and configure every level separately with intelligently-designed call flows.

Intelligent Call Routing

Eliminate long call queues by intelligently routing every caller to the right department & agent.

Instant Setup

Get your toll-free service installed in minutes and start calling your customers in no time.

Best-in-Market Pricing

PayRupees offers a fully developed cloud telephony suite with the best-in-market pricing plans.

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Not nee Of IP Phone


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Multi Lavel IVR

Multi-level IVR solution for your business

Renovate your business call handling process by adding IVR layers to your business phone system.

Route your customers calls to the concerned departments automatically in a minimal amount of time with multi-level IVR.

Engage your customers via audio offers, promotions, product updates with a multi-level IVR.

Save your agents’ & customers time by adding basic queries solution in your multi-level IVR panel.

Make your business sound professional in front of your callers by giving welcome greetings to your customers.

Multi Lavel IVR Service

Provide your customers with rich customer experience by integrating your telephony system with IVR. An IVR answers all the incoming calls with its auto-receptionist feature. You can personalise customers’ calling experience by playing a pre-recorded welcome message to greet your callers.

By using IVR in your business, you can attend to your customers 24*7. Self-service option let your callers resolve their query without any assistance. This automation reduces the workload of your agents and gives callers a speedy way to resolve queries.

Skill-based routing eases the calling process by intelligently forwarding the call to the best-suited agent. You can also quickly scale your telephony system on-demand without having to worry about the added infrastructure or price.


IVR Service Provider

PayRupees Provide Multi Lavel IVR Services Further, there is no restriction of levels in the multi-level IVR. It is easier than ever to record customer preferences via IVR calls and boost the potency of a business. Collect customers’ feedback and research about their preferences, needs, and habits.

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