SMS API Support secure text messaging

PayRupees  SMS communication, your users can seamlessly and safely book appointments, confirm deliveries, and more.

  • Enable communication without compromising privacy
  • Create a safe space for conversations between your users
  • Ensure conversations and transactions between parties stay on your platform
  • Leverage your control of the conversation
  • Perform analysis and generate new insights for your business

Send the right message at the right time

Alert customers and give them an opportunity to reply or call back.

  • Deliver timely notifications about pending appointments and keep customers engaged
  • Automated notifications reduce costs, missed appointments, delivery attempts, and more
  • Let customers confirm or reschedule from within a text—via SMS, MMS, social chat apps, or voice
  • Strengthen customer relationships by creating “wow” moments with rich-media features

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Send SMS by Own SIM by API Intigration

  •  SMS notifications when a new order is created;
  •  Get a notification on new client/order;
  •  Send bulk SMS messages to customers;
  •  Use own mobile phone & SIM.